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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Weightloss Goddesses Must Be Laughing Their Butts Off

This is the reason why:
No...I'm not going skiing, in fact, I've never been. However, this appears to be what one must adorn when one gets a pretty severe case of tendonitis. Attractive....yes? And how does one get a pretty severe case of tendonitis, you ask? Well apparently it can happen when one over-does it on running and/or using her eliptical. (I have to admit that it's pretty funny to be lectured by the doctor for exercising too much...especially when three/four years ago I would've been lectured for not exercising at all.)

So I've been wearing my *cough* very stylish *cough* boot (Robotic looking boots with a pump on them are in?...Right?) for about a week and I'll probably have to wear it for another week or so. I can't run...I can't use my eliptical...It's so depressing. There goes my pre-resolution resolution goal. Needless to say, I've been a bit down because I'm so worried about losing control of my ability to stop eating and gaining a whole lot of weight....because you's happened before... On a kind of funny note - I've lost three pounds since this has happened (that would take me down to 162) and that's probably from either losing muscle from not exercising or from losing weight from dragging around this damn ten pound boot 24/7... I guess it could be worse...

I could be wearing crocs....:)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

An Open Letter To Daddy...
Dear Daddy,

I know you were sick for those past few days and all, but do you think it could've been possible for you to keep your nasty germs all to yourself? Now here I am stuck with a fever, continuous coughing and a runny nose that is just like a leaky faucet. And who do I have to thank for it? You. Thanks a lot....I'm going to dedicate my next poopy diaper to you.

Your Loving (and pretty sick son),

Mason W(eener)

P.S. Mommy says that you are worse than me when you are sick. You big baby you.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Missing....err...Person? Alert:

Name: Ernie (However, his owner is adament that his name is "Melmo".)

Last Known Location: This past Saturday in the family room of the Weener-household.

Last Seen Wearing: Blue pants, yellow belt, striped shirt and a pirate hat (It is not likely that he is sporting the different attire due to the fact that everything is either glued/painted onto his body.)

Note: Young owner is missing Ernie dearly and can be spotted running around the house (with Pirate Ernie's companion Pirate Elmo) calling, "Melmo? Melmo? Melmo?"

And, yes, this is the same Ernie that was involved in the 'Crappy Bathtub' Incident from last month....

Can I Borrow Some Thumbtacks...?

Since I usually do my worse snacking/eating at work - and since I've already had three chocolate chip cookies that a co-worker brought in today, I decided to root though my desk and dust off a picture of myself from December 2003. Now this is a 'pre-South Beach diet and exercise' me. (I'm pretty sure you all can figure would which one would be me...) It's hard to believe that it's been almost three years since this picture was seems like only yesterday.

So I'm in the process of finding some thumbtacks and once I do, I'm gonna hang this baby right by my desk. Yeah, yeah...some people have pictures of themselves from vacations or family pictures around their desks. What am I going to have?

A fat picture.

It's such an eye-opening reminder to myself of how far I've come. It shows me that a whole lot of hard work and dedication can pay off. It's also a reminder to myself that I never want to be like that again....not only because I was obese, but because I was just so depressed as a result of my weight. It's like looking at a whole other person now. When I see this picture - I mean when I REALLY see this picture - I can't help but to gaze into this person's eyes and see her sadness.

Well, most of that weight is gone and so is the sadness. I wish I could say the same about those damn chocolate chips cookies....

Come on New Years!

Monday, November 06, 2006

I Can't Fly (by) 165....
How Many Times Exactly Did She Write 165...?

For the past few months I have weighed in at a steady 165. During those months there have been times when the scale has teetered up a couple of pounds higher than 165 and tottered down a couple of pounds lower than 165 pounds. It just seems that 165 is my base weight at this current time. For the most part I am pretty content at 165 - especially when there was a time when I weighed close to 250 pounds. But you know what? I can do (and have done) better - I really can. I would be ecstatic if I could lose about twenty more pounds. However with the holidays coming up, I'm sure the scale would only be moving up (and up)...That's even with the workout regimen I am doing now.

So what is a 165 pound girl to do? Well, she could:

a. Go hog wild and eat whatever she wants during the holiday; resulting in her gaining more weight than she desired . Afterall, she could just make a New Years resolution to get back down to 165 come January 1st.

Do what she has been doing to maintain the weight she is at currently (that would be 165...just in case you didn't know...) and then make a New Years resolution to get past the 165 barrier come January 1st.

Why wait until January 1st? She can try to work harder to lose those twenty - or whatever - pounds now instead of later.

I don't know about what the other 165 pound girls would do, but this 165 pound girl is choosing 'c'.

With about eight weeks left until the new year, I am challenging myself to lose eight pounds before New Years Day. That is about one pound per week which - with working out harder and nixing all of the Halloween candy - is an attainable goal. It's my pre-resolution resolution, if you will. I'm going to have such a headstart on all of those New Years resolutionist people come January 1, 2007.

So if anyone would care to join me in my pre-resolution resolution goal, please do! The more the merrier I say! You don't have to weigh 165 pounds, in fact, it doesn't even have to be a goal to lose weight. It could be any goal/accomplishment that makes you feel better about yourself.

It's going to be hard, but I'm going to do it! I'm going to update my blog as much as I can about the status of my goal.

Oh and it's 14 for those of you counting -- including the headers!

November 6, 2004

Two years ago today I peed on a stick and this was the result I had gotten...

And this is what became of those results today:

Happy 'I Discovered I Was Knocked Up' Day to me!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Word To The Wise...

Never - ever - 'yadda, yadda, yadda' your mother. Ever. Especially when she is lecturing you on...say...the importance of the act of actually brushing your teeth and not just letting the water run in the bathroom sink to make her believe you are brushing.

Otherwise you could end up like this...

Or second thought, maybe just being sent to your room for the rest of the evening would suffice...

You Have To Love Toddlers And Their Adoration For The Repetitive....

I have two eyes, a mouth and a nose.
I have ten fingers and ten little toes.

I have two hands to clap, clap, clap.

I have two feet to tap, tap, tap.
I have two ears to hear you talk.

I have two legs to stand and walk.

I have two arms to hug my bear.

I have a tummy.---Tickle me there!

I've been saying this all day long in my head today. It's from a book entitled, Here I Am, which currently happens to be Mason's favorite read. We must have went over this book at least 30 times in a row yesterday evening. Not only do I have to read the book, but I MUST point to every body part listed, put the book down to 'clap, clap, clap' and to 'tap, tap,tap', we must say 'hi' to the page where the little girl is holding her bear and we also have to tickle the little boy's tummy at the end of the book.


You have to love toddlers and their adoration for the repetitive. (Hey, did I already say that?)

I have two eyes....

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Did I Mention That....

Rich is home with Mason today? ;) Gee, I wonder what type of catastrophe the inside of my home will resemble when I get home.

Stayed tuned....

I'd Rather Be Driving The Batmobile, Thank You Very Much...

Rich is home with Mason today. Since he is home and has some time, he wanted me to leave my van with him so he can change the oil. What does that mean, you ask? Well I'll tell you... It means that I am left driving his *cough* oh so wonderful (not!) Raidermobile to work. Let me just mention how much fun -- and how popular I feel -- driving a vehicle with a huge Oakland Raiders sticker that cover the majority of the back window. Also on the back window - with what room is left, there is a very interesting Oakland Raiders football sticker that looks as if an actual football is halfway through the window. I guess I shouldn't complain because he doesn't have the Oakland Raiders antenna thingy that he says is 'too redneck'. Yeah and everything else is so sophisticated...

Then there is the interior.

The interior has those lovely Oakland Raiders chair covers that adorn the two front seats and that also match the four Oakland Raiders rugs inside the car. I won't even mention the Oakland Raiders fuzzy dice that is draped around the rear view mirror that I had to take down today because I couldn't see a damn thing....

Give me my messy mommy minivan anyday!