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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Weightloss Goddesses Must Be Laughing Their Butts Off

This is the reason why:
No...I'm not going skiing, in fact, I've never been. However, this appears to be what one must adorn when one gets a pretty severe case of tendonitis. Attractive....yes? And how does one get a pretty severe case of tendonitis, you ask? Well apparently it can happen when one over-does it on running and/or using her eliptical. (I have to admit that it's pretty funny to be lectured by the doctor for exercising too much...especially when three/four years ago I would've been lectured for not exercising at all.)

So I've been wearing my *cough* very stylish *cough* boot (Robotic looking boots with a pump on them are in?...Right?) for about a week and I'll probably have to wear it for another week or so. I can't run...I can't use my eliptical...It's so depressing. There goes my pre-resolution resolution goal. Needless to say, I've been a bit down because I'm so worried about losing control of my ability to stop eating and gaining a whole lot of weight....because you's happened before... On a kind of funny note - I've lost three pounds since this has happened (that would take me down to 162) and that's probably from either losing muscle from not exercising or from losing weight from dragging around this damn ten pound boot 24/7... I guess it could be worse...

I could be wearing crocs....:)


Anonymous Bren said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Lisa! I was wondering where you disappeared to. I'm so sorry! Feel better soon!!!

9:38 AM  

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