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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Are Those Ear Muffs You're Wearing Or Are You Just Glad To Hear Me....?

I need one of those ribbon magnets with the saying "Elementary School Band Concert Survivor".

Last night was Christian's Winter Concert. I feel like a bad parent because I was sort of dreading going to the thing. Why is that you ask? Um....Hello? I have ONE band member whom practices in my house...and now I had to go listen to a roomful of 9 and 10-year-olds? It would be the equation of dying farm animal x's 100. I guess what made it not so bad was that on the paper it stated that the concert would only last an hour. An hour didn't sound like too much torture. (Well that is according to me. If you ask my husband, he would tell you otherwise.)

What is that you say? -- You wish you could've been there? Well today is your lucky day! It's less than two minutes long, but it may feel like an hour. ;)


Anonymous shannon said...

you couldnt pay me to be a band teacher. they sound pretty good for 4/5th graders :-)

6:39 AM  

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