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Thursday, October 25, 2007

What's The Word I'm Thinking Of...

Control Freak?

Today is mis-match day at the boys' school in honor of "I won't get mixed up in drugs" or something like that. Basically, the kids are supposed to wear clothes that don't match.

So Christian is wearing a brown football tee-shirt over a long sleeved blue/grey UnderArmor shirt. His pants are black with a greet strip going down the sides with mismatched socks and tennis shoes. Timmy is wearing a green soccer jersey with his blue/white/black Nike pants. He is also sporting socks and shoe that don't match one another.

It's all cute and fun. However, it is freakin' killing me! Their clothes don't match and it's driving me a little crazy.

I swear I had to look away a couple of times.

When did I get this way?

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