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Thursday, October 18, 2007

So The Other Day I Stepped In Some Crap...

and it didn't come from a dog or from any other four legged creature.


The crap I stepped in came from the two-legged-toddler species.

It happened the other evening when the family came home late from a dinner at TGIFridays. Actually we spent more time than we originally wanted. We didn't get home until 8:30. (Thanks to the dessert.) Christian and Timmy had school the next day and so I was trying to sign papers/check homework before the next day. During the rush, I went and grabbed Mason's pajamas from upstairs and brought them down with me. I didn't put them on right away because I got distracted by signing someone's reading log. Mason asked for a drink and I got him one. I looked at him and told him that once Mommy was done she was going to put his pajamas on.

(I know what you are asking yourself....where is your helpful husband? Well he was busy on the phone with one of the guys from his fantasy football priorty stuff. And for the girls on the Yahoo FF, he took my team over! I made the mistake of giving him my login and password and he changing my players...offering trades...I'm sure you all know it's not me. Oh he officially calls it, "His Team". lol)

Where was I? Oh I was busy doing my nightly school ritual in half the time...

So I'm getting the stuff together and I see that Mason is taking off his pants. "What a big boy getting undressed!" I exclaimed. He stopped at the pants. (Note: Mason was wearing one of Timmy's too big jerseys that went to his knees so if he took off anything shorter than the jersey I did not notice or think to notice. Do you see where I'm going with this?)

I started getting the boys stuff together for their school lunches the next day. I look up and I see Mason semi-hiding in the family room...grunting and with red face.

"Are you pooping?" I asked.

"No." He lied back to me.

"Well, when I'm done doing this I'm going to change your diaper and put your pajamas on." I responded back.

I go about my business and there is just one last thing I have to sign. As I start to sign the paper I look up and notice that the shutters to the family room windows are open. I started to walk over to the windows.

And that's when I felt it. In all of it's squishiness under my bare foot.

It was poop.

I froze and screamed for someone to get me a wet paper towel. I looked down and it just wasn't in A pile. Oh no. That would be too simple (in the simple terms of having poop on your floor.).

Nope I had a trail of poop.

In the kitchen, as he was getting me my paper towel, Christian exclaimed, "There's poop in the kitchen too!"

And from the dining room I heard a faint, "It's in here too!" coming from Timmy.

Mason trotted in the family room with his "Yeah it was me and I think it's funny!" smirk on his face. And he is so freaking cute that I couldn't be too mad at him.

So for the rest of the evening I was cleaning up poop from the floor.

And as you might have guessed, Rich was still on the phone.


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