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Friday, October 05, 2007

Apparently I Don't Know Squat About Japanese Toilets....

I'm sitting here at work and I'm in that "It's Friday and I don't want to do a damn thing" mood. So I'm just googling (man I LOVE google) the words 'potty training' because in the past week or so Mason has actually did his bathroom business on the potty. (Is that a Elmo underwear lining I see?)

And that is when I found the video I'm about to post. However before you watch the video, I recommend you first watch this video that I posted a year ago. This one seems to be a sequel to that video and deals with how to use the potty when you are out in public. Like the first video, this one is in Japanese and has some pretty catchy jingles. There are English subtitles (that I found pretty amusing), but I don't really think that's what they are actually saying. (Ya think?; ;) )



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