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Friday, September 21, 2007

Yes Weenermom, There Is A Puke Fairy....

After being up half of the night cleaning bedding covered with puke, cleaning the floor covered in puke, cleaning the toilet that was surrounded by puke and then cleaning the puker covered in puke - I think you get the idea...My night was rather...uhhh...pukey.

In between the vomit clean-ups, I would go back to bed and just lay there wide awake. Who would of thought that cleaning up puke can make one so roused? (Please don't confuse that with aroused.) So I'm in bed and I start to wonder what the Puke Fairy would look know....if he were real.

You noticed I said he? Come on - The Puke Fairy has to be a He!

He is short.
He is round.
He is kind of hairy.
He wears a wife beater.
He carries cow tail candy in one hand. (Had a bad experience with those once.)
He has a puke bucket in the other hand.
His wings are kind of short and look like boomerangs.
He wears a trucker hat with the initials PF.
He has a New Jersey accent.

So in conclusion, if there is indeed a puke fairy....

He'd look like Danny Devito!
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