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Thursday, August 16, 2007

If You Name It After A Dance That They Did When They Were Young, They Will Buy It....

A company is selling a phone that is targeted towards people of...ummm....advanced age. (Read: They're old.) It's called Jitterbug. Maybe you have seen a commercial for it at some time or other. I can't exactly remember how the commercial goes, but I do know this: As soon as I see the commercial, that damn song is in my head for the rest of the day.


So anyway...

The concept of the phone is BIG numbers and/or has labels of the most important places to call. (i.e. The operator, the tow company, 911.) Now I am not knocking this product one bit. In fact, I hope they have a phone like this once I am officially* old. I will buy it, that is, if phones aren't obsolete by then. If they are around, however, they'll have to change the name of the phone. The Jitterbug sounds like something for old people. Here is the list of my suggestions for names:

1.) The "Running Man" Phone

2.) The "Moonwalk" Phone

3.) The "Vogue" Phone

4.) The "Electric Slide" Phone

5.) The "Robot" Phone

6.) The "Head Bob Sway Side-To-Side Dance That Kevin Bacon Did In Footloose Along With Every Other White Kid In the 80's " Phone

Anybody else have any suggestions? :)

*Dear ARP - and the company that puts out those nursing home brochures,

Stop sending me stuff in the mail. I'm only



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