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Wednesday, August 15, 2007


These are just some things I've learned (or had to learn again) this summer...

1.) I'm old.

2.) Having an independent - "Look Ma...I can do it all by myself!" 2-year-old - is nice.

3.) Having an independent - "Even though I've been trying to get up in this chair for the past 10 minutes and I'm getting pissed and don't think of helping me because I'll still scream." 2-year-old - is not as nice.

4.) Apparently, 7-year-olds know EVERYTHING.

5.) My almost 9-year-old is almost as big as me.

6.) I LOVE beer bread from Tastefully Simple.

7.) I LOVE almond cake with strawberry rhubarb stuffed in the middle from Tastefully Simple.

8.) Shoot...I LOVE almost anything that Tastefully Simple sells. (I still don't like the Merlot sauce though...)

9.) I've gained seven pounds...thanks to Tastefully Simple. (Damn them!)

10.) I had to add another mile to my daily run/jog thanks to try to lose those seven pounds.

11.) When you ship your kids to your mil's with the idea that you are going to add some 'spark' with your husband....It actually means that you can go to sleep earlier in the evening and sleep later in the morning.

12.) It seems that size DOES matter...even to a 7-year-old who - when going to the store to buy an athletic cup - refuses to get one that refers to the size he needs as "pee wee".

13.) I've come to the conclusion that I'm never going to get undressed in front of my 2-year-old again. The last time I got undressed in front of him - and before I even got to take my shirt off - he automatically points to my knees and exclaims, "Boobies!!"

14.) I need a boob-lift.

15.) Chocolate.Fudge.Brownies. (Man I'd kill for some right now...)


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