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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

25 Years From Now...

This Made Me Laugh...

...and now a word with the Weeners...25 years later...

Christian - "We had do I put this? - pretty normal childhood."

Timmy - "Ha! I just will never be able to eat any hotdogs...ever!"

Christian - "Oh yeah...because of the whole 'weener/weiner' thing...

Mason - "Elmo! Elmo!"

Timmy - "Go ahead 'em the Elmo tattoo that I did for you the other day. You know the one that's on your stomache. Do you like how I made Mason's belly button look like Elmo's anus?"

Christian - "Yep and just think, that never would've been possible if Mom never got us that tattoo making kit when we were kids. That's a great thing Mom did for us...."

Timmy - "And then she got us that self-piercing kit. That was pretty cool too."

Mason - "Elmo!"

Christian - "Oh that's right...that until we tried to pierce Mason's Elmo underoos..."

Timmy - "Yeah and Mason was still wearing them..."

Christian - "It's a miracle that he even has four kids..."

Mason - "Elmo! Elmo! Elmo! Elmo!"

Christian - "Yep...all named Elmo...."


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