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Tuesday, August 15, 2006


See this picture to the left? Yeah, yeah...I know...It's just a picture of a refrigerator...The holder of food - and sometimes adult beverages. It's what helps growing boys grow and 'helps' their moms - who don't want to grow - grow too but the other way. I'm serious. Take a good look. Can you see? Besides the pictures on the right hand side of the fridge, the outside of it looks pretty empty (and pretty clean too thank you very much!). Now just imagine in less than two weeks not only is this refrigerator going to be the 'holder of our food', it will also be the 'school lunch menu display'. It will be the ' gallery of crayon drawings, construction paper montages and maybe even some pasta art' (gee I just love those macaroni noodle necklaces). It will be the 'book log holder'. It will contain the school agenda for the month and all of the parent reminders that - of course - will probably just get lost underneath a picture of me burning dinner that one of the boys made in art class -- amongst the other things it will get lost under. It will hold the (hopefully) many highly graded assignments/tests that the boys will bring home. It will have the neighborhood parent contact know...just in case one of the parents forget up their child at the bus stop. It will have the many PTA notices that are sent home (and boy do they send a lot of them home!). Really just think of my refridgerator as one - overly populated - clipboard. You see, not only is this a fridge. This is the keeper of our lives for the next...oh...10 months.

Oops! I almost forgot! It usually holds my shopping list too. Which reminds me, I have to add something to my list: more magnets for the fridge...

Or wait - better yet.. a bigger refridgerator...


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