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Monday, August 07, 2006

Not Scratching This Itch

Last week I was at a red light by a car dealership. Normally I wouldn't look over at the dealership, but something made me turn my head and look that day. So I gazed over and there it was...A brand spankin' new silver Lexus RX. It was sweeeet. At that very moment I came to the realization that I never got the 'four year itch' with my van I'm driving now like I did with my other vehicles. My history with cars is like this: I'd have a car for four years and then I'd get tired of it so I'd start looking at the vehicles I was driving at the time and find any little thing I could that was wrong with the car until I'd eventually trade the vehicle for a new one.

I've been driving the van I'm in now for almost five years. Five years --- That's a record for me! So what has been keeping me from trading the van I'm in now for something newer? I decided to make a list of things on why I shouldn't trade the van in and here's my list:
Weenermom's Top Ten Reasons Why I Should Keep My Van

1.) My van is paid off. Why would I want to make a car payment if I really don't need to?

2.) My carpet upholstery is already customized to the weener's satisfaction. I mean, why buy a whole new car with nice clean carpet when it will eventually look like this...
3.) Playing "What's That Mystery Stain?" won't be as enjoyable in a nice clean car.4.) The smell. Sure that new car smell is nice, but come on! You really can't bottle the smell that comes from almost five years of weeners!

5.) Where would our collection of half drunken cans go? 6.) Most people make little marks on their walls to see how there children have grown through the years...We use the finger smudges on the window of the van...
7.) I'll miss that dent in the van where a guy on a bicycle and I sorta/kinda ran into each other as I was leaving the parking garage at work.
8.) I don't get all stressed if the outside of the vehicle has some dirt - or what not - on it.

9.) I'd really miss my old dented front license plate...
and the main reason why it's best to keep my van?



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