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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I Have Three...Ya Got A Problem With That?

I admit it . I was one of THOSE people. I'm not proud of it, but I surely couldn't help myself. A family would enter a room and I would automatically start the count. ' many kids do these people actually have...geez?' I would think to myself. Then one day something happened to make me stop 'counting' - I had three kids.

It's pretty funny how some people react to someone who has more than two kids. As soon as I had Mason I would get remarks such as, "I see you're trying to start your own fill-in-the blank-with-any-type-of-sport team. The first time someone told me that I laughed. I even laughed the second,third, fourth,twenty-fifth, one hundredth time I heard it. Now, however, if someone says it I just hold my breath and smirk. (Oh and to get off of the topic a little...the "My Three Sons" comments...yeah...not so funny anymore... )

Where am I going with this? Let me tell you about what happened this past weekend...

The weeners and I went to a neighborhood boy's birthday party this past weekend. It was nice. We got to catch up on lots of neighbors who have been away on vacation. There were also other people there - of course - that were friends/family of the birthday boy and his family.

So there I was trying to chase after Mason - who was infatuated with anything that he could take down/pull apart/throw - when all of the sudden Timmy comes up to me and asks me for something. As I'm helping Timmy and holding on to a thrashing Mason who wants me to put him DOWN, Christian comes limping in with a playground injury. Just when I'm putting a bandaid on Christian's wound - with Mason who is still thrashing away and Timmy who is starting to get impatient waiting for me - I hear a female voice in the background say in a quiet but not so quiet way, "How many kids does she have?" By 'she' I knew she was talking about me. I glimpsed over to see who was inquiring about what I do with my own ovaries. There were two non-neighborhood friends of the family who was throwing the party just sitting all hovered into a corner.

Normally it wouldn't have offended it me the way it did. However, it was the way she said it. It was so snotty and oh so bitchy. I wanted to tell her it was none of her business. I wanted to ask how many kids she had, but it was quite obvious that she only had one child due to the fact that her kid didn't have an iota of dirt on him and his gelled/hairsprayed hair on his head did not move one inch.

So after I put the bandaid on Christian and helped Timmy with his problem, I told them in quite a loud voice to go get their brothers Larry, Tom and Little Ed because everyone was going to sing Happy Birthday soon. Christian and Timmy looked a bit confused and before they could make a remark I just shooed them off and said "Go now...Hurry up!" I then turned to the woman who made the comment, shrugged and said "Kids...and to think I want more...."

I walked away with my thrashing boy and smiled.


Blogger hoping4_zzzsss said...

Ugh, you know normally stuff like that makes me even more sarcastic and I loved your comeback :) I hate that people think it's any right of theirs to judge whether someone has 0 or 16 or more children.

12:22 AM  
Anonymous shannon said...

ha. nice come back. in my old town (much larger) 4 was unheard of. everyone adh 1 or 2. in this teeny tiny little town - 4 is the norm - It's weird - but a little more relaxing not hearing all the HOW MANY??? questions. Course I still get the "are they ALL boys?"

2:50 PM  

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