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Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Toothpaste Cap Experiment
Can Someone Just Pick The Damn Thing Up!?

Did you ever have a situation where something was on the floor. It could be anything. A baseball card, a comb, a piece of lint....anything. You notice that the particular item has been on the floor for a certain time and no one - and I mean NO ONE - in your house other than yourself will pick the item up. It could be in the middle of a high traffic area and what does everyone do - but you? They either step on it, walk over it or mention that it is there and still don't pick it up. Sometimes they will pick it up, but that is after you either nag them or threaten them. If you know what I am talking about, I would like to welcome you to my world. It's a world where only mommy's have eyes - or at least will bend over and pick whatever it is up.

This all leads me to this:

This morning I was walking in the upstairs hallway and I came across this item.

It's a toothpaste cap. The boys' toothpaste cap to be exact. I know this because:

1.) The cap was right outside the boys' bathroom.

2.) The toothpaste in the boys' bathroom was missing.

3.) I know it is the boys' toothpaste cap because it is smothered in lots blue-colored, dried-up toothpaste.

I stopped midway through bending down to pick the cap up. Why am I the one who always picks these damn things up off the ground? Clearly, I don't/shouldn't have to pick this kind of stuff up all of the time or shoul I have to nag or ask for someone else to pick it up either. I mean, I am not the only one who lives in this house. Right at that second I came to the conclusion that I wasn't going to pick the thing up. Hell, I wasn't even going to mention anything about the cap on the floor. I began to wonder how long this item...this toothpaste cap would stay on the floor. (Note: Mason isn't allowed to wander on the second floor. There are no worries about him finding it or picking it up.)

So as of 9am this morning there is a toothpaste cap on my hallway floor. Anyone want to make any bets on how long it will stay there? I'm thinking it's going to be there for a while because I'm not picking it up....nope I'm not gonna do it.


Blogger hoping4_zzzsss said...

LMFAO. This sounds so much like my house of boys.

8:16 PM  
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