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Monday, July 10, 2006

Ya Don't Drink From That Cup

There was a pre-puberty-(kind of)-monumental event that happened this past weekend. Christian is playing football this coming season and he had to buy his first athletic cup/supporter! I know-- I know-- I am a sad sad person to think of this as a big event let alone an event at all. However, this is the closest that I will ever get to going out with my daughter to buy her first training bra. This is my male version of bra shopping. I remember when my mom took me to buy my first bra when I was 10 years old. I was so proud of my bra with the little pink flower in the middle (didn't all of us girls have that one?) that I showed all of my friends. *sigh* I loved that bra...

I wanted to take my camera to the store when we went to buy the cup, but I was told by my husband that I shouldn't. In fact I was told that maybe I shouldn't even go. They were just going out to buy a cup. Ummm...hello? This was not 'just a cup'. This was a big deal - at least to me - I was going. We all hopped into the van (sans camera) and headed to Dicks. Coming from a family of all girls this was my first athletic cup shopping excursion. While in the van I kept singing, "We are going cup shopping. We are going cup shopping." over and over and over again. Rich just kept glancing over at me rolling his eyes, Christian kept telling me to stop singing, Timmy kept asking 'Can I have a Spongebob cup?' and Mason kept on drinking his bottle probably wondering how he ended up with such a crazy mother.

Finally we arrived to our destination and the whole Weener clan headed into the store. We went thru all of the aisles looking for athletic cups when alas we finally found them. There was a mother and son - who appeared to be Christian's age - leaving the aisle with cup in her hand. Our eyes met for a minute and I just knew that this was her (son's) first one too.

Half of the aisle was full of cups and supporter. I was looking up and down at all of them. They all....looked the same. They were all 'just a cup'.There were no colored ones or ones with some cool print on them. They were all white! How boring is that? Oh wait....some had holes in them - big woop. I have to tell you that I was a wee bit disappointed in the whole athletic cup thing. The next time he needs another cup or if the other two need one, I'm not going unless they come up with some cool ones. :)

While we were in the aisle Christian asked Rich how the cups worked. Rich gave him a quick run-down on how the mechanics of it all. Christian's response? "Gross!" Needless to say Rich had Christian try it on when we got home and at the end he liked it! Yep, Christian wore it under his shorts and proceeded to let Timmy kick his private area the rest of the day.

It sure ain't bra shopping that's for sure...


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