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Wednesday, July 05, 2006
You see this pic to the left?...That is me two-and-a-half years and a good 75 pounds ago. Like many women I've always had issues with my weight. The main thing I was never happy with my body. Growing up I was never the fat girl, but I was never the skinny girl either. I was stuck somewhere in the middle. Oh and then I had kids... I never lost the weight from my first child...I gained. Right when I was in the middle of trying to lose weight from the first baby, I got pregnant with the second. Heck, most people who didn't know me didn't even know/couldn't tell I was pregnant. Right after I had my second, I decided to lose weight. So for the next three/four years I would gain/lose the same twenty pounds. Somewhere in the mix, I stopped losing and just started gaining (and gaining and gaining). I would just keep eating because I could never get that big...right? Well, one day something clicked...or should I say someone clicked a picture of me and some co-workers at a gathering. The date? December 12, 2003. I will never forget that day. It's the day I woke up. The blinders were lifted from my eyes and I got a really good look at myself and boy was there a lot of me to look at. That day I decided I didn't want to be like that anymore. I didn't want to be skinny...that ws not my goal. I wanted to be healthy.

On December 18th I bought an eliptical machine and started the South Beach diet. I was completly dedicated to watching what I ate and to exercise. It was wonderful -- I couldn't believe how fast the pounds flew off! By July of 2004 I was down almost 90 pounds. Now mind you I wasn't really thin, but I was so much happier. In November of 2004 I discovered I was pregnant (planned). It was so nice to be pregnant and for people to actually notice! It's incredible to believe that I weighed almost 60 pounds less at nine months pregnant (picture below) than I did before I started my lifestyle change. Can you believe that? For the most part I've been pretty good with my diet and exercse. However in the last month-in-a-half I stopped exercising altogether which than made my eating horrible. In that time I've gained 12 pounds. 12 a month!! I made myself a promise that day on December 12, 2003 that I would never let myself go back to bad habits and here I am breaking my promise. But do you know what? Today is a new day and I forgive myself for letting me go. I started phase one of South Beach if I appear to be a little's from the sugar withdrawals I'm experiencing!


Blogger hoping4_zzzsss said...

You know, I might have to save this blog thread and use it as my motivation. I would love an elliptical but the space for it is lacking...unless I get rid of my computer LOL.

You are awesome! keep it up. I've got 40 lbs to go.

12:51 AM  

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