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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

While The Hubby Is Away...

Rich is away for work related issues this week. He's in North Cackilacky. (For all my unhip/non-ghetto peeps out there that is ghetto for North Carolina. -- My hip co-worker taught me that...did I mention that she was laughing as she was teaching me?) So, it's just me and the boys. -- And for those weirdos out there...I also have my two 120lb guard dogs and oozie shotgun collection.

This sounds awful, but the first night alone I kind of felt like a teenager whose parents went away for the weekend leaving me all alone. However, instead of inviting the whole gang and throwing a party with really great - but overplayed - '80's music and getting bombed out of my mind. I was able to do the next best thing. I vegged in front of the television wearing my most unflattering night-wear (an old torn Nike t-shirt and some grey over-stretched cotton shorts ala 1995) watching whatever I wanted -- and the best part? There was no "Why are you watching this crap?" or no seducing proposition of "Ya wanna do it?"

On the first night I had a whole agenda planned for myself. After the older boys were in bed at 9:30 I was to go in my room, turn on the tv and watch the most bland of documentaries, the gloomiest of murder/detective stories and of course MTVs reality shows (that really would've pissed him off. :) ). I wanted to watch tv all night long (READ: In my mommy-world, all night long = 11pm and if I feel extra naughty maybe 11:30pm.). You know what?-- that is exactly what happened! It was so great that I had planned to do the same thing the next night.

The next night....

Boys in bed at 9:30 a
Put on unflattering night attire a
Bag of Starbursts and bottle water at my beck and calla
Remote in hand a

I was all set and ready to go. As I was going up and down the channels, I came across an old football game that one of the sports channels was showing. I couldn't help but to think how Rich would've love to watch the game. Which then led me to wonder what he was doing at that very moment. How was his day? How is the weather? How is he doing? Did he remember to take his cholesterol pill?--He better have! What did he eat? Did he remember to eat? It better not have all been junk...

I looked at his side of the bed. His pillow looked so me. I was lonely....I am lonely. I know I cut my hubby lots of flack most times, but I must say that I miss him to pieces. I really do. I want him here with me and the boys. I could even put up with the sound of him blowing his nose in the shower. I just want him home.

Just as I was about to turn the channel - the phone rang.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Hey there boss lady...I miss you."

I picked up his lone pillow and hugged it..."I miss you too."


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