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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Family Politics

****Vote For Weener!****

That's it -- I'm running for office!

I don't care what the position is that I'm running for, but gosh darn it -- I would make a great candidate for something. I've come this conclusion after having had to had to spend time with both Rich and my one room. In a political environment our families would be broken down to this:

My Family = Liberal Democrats* or The Hatfield's
Rich's Family = Conservative Republicans* or The McCoy's
*Note: I'm not saying that our families are actual card-carrying members to these parties for all I know they are all members of the same party...

That leaves Rich and I in the middle of all the mess. We are the peacekeepers. We are the ones that keep everyone amicable and at least talking to some extent. Don't get me wrong, we do have times of peace in the house when they are all come over. There have been lots of happy times. But it really is an up and down relationship with both parties. Currently we are in unsettled waters at this time and are in peace talks with both families.

The topic of all of this current mess?

Oh that would be the bill that was introduced to the house on July 8, 2005 otherwise known as the Mason Act. You see, ever since Mason was born everyone seems to be fighting for him. Whether it be that one person from one side holds him too much or that someone from the other side just snatches Mason without asking. There is always someone who is never happy or someone who calls Rich secretly to tells him that she is never going to come to anything if the other family is invited.

With our quick thinking , (sometimes) lies or just by telling them something that they want to hear; Rich and I always know what to say or do to make the sides settle down. Of couse it all has to be handled very cautiously and delicately. We don't want anything taken the wrong way. - Which in situations like this can happen very easily. - All in all I guess we are doing a pretty good job. We could have had an angry mob burrowing into the house at every gathering. On the bright no one has killed the other one yet. That is a good thing, right?

I know what you are probably thinking. "But why just have something separate for the families or just don't invite anyone at all?" Ah, yes. Sure we could do that, but it still brings on other issues. Like maybe one side is going to think that whatever we do/whatever day we have whatever on...will be better than what we did with/for their side. And if we don't have/do anything? Then of course we are probably sneaking something with the other side. It really is a no win situation.

Like I said....No one is dead...yet...


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