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Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Toothpaste Cap Experiment -- A (Sort of/Kind of) Rhythmical Update

There was a little toothpaste cap that sat upon the floor.
It was located in the hallway right by the bathroom door.
I wasn't going to pick it up.---Nope, that cap it was not mine
It was gooey and crusty on the outside where once the rim had shine.
I'm not exactly sure how it came about --- sitting on the floor.
But I'm sure it had to do with someone in the bathroom being silly----being bored.
Someone had to pick it up and for once it wasn't going to be me.
Maybe someone will come across it when they pass it to go pee?
So I left that cap right in that spot to see exactly what would happen
Did I honestly think someone would grab it? --- Oh if they did I would be crappin'!
The first day it just stayed there. It wasn't even moved.
The same goes for the second day. To the carpet was it glued?
By the third day I was getting mad. Was I the only one who had eyes?
Did this only happen to women who lived in a houseful of just guys?
For all of those days the cap sat in that spot awaiting for its removal.
What the hell were they waiting for? --- My motherly approval?
I put a piece of candy on the floor to see if it was just me.
An hour later it was gone. --- OMG someone else could see!
On the fourth day the cap was gone. Did it happen? Could it really be true?
Nope! Someone must have kicked further down the hallway and didn't have a clue.
By the fifth day I just gave up. --- The cap... it had to go.
But I still wasn't going to pick it up. ---I thought someone else should know.
So I called my guys to come upstairs and put the cap back on the paste.
I lectured them for a while. I didn't want my little investigation to be a waste.
Will this happen again? There is no doubt - of that - I'm pretty sure.
But it sure won't be another toothpaste cap just sitting on the floor!


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