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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Two Things That Should Not Go Together...

Fish + Tacos = Come on, can that really taste good?

My Kids + Sugar = Hyper-city for the kids and a bunch of Tylenol for Mom

A Bear Puppet + Toilet = Ummm...I didn't know puppets had bowels...

So here is the story...

I stopped over my sister's house yesterday to pick up the older boys. When I came into the house I noticed that my 2-year-old niece was sitting on the couch starring at the tv with a glazed look on her face. My sister comes into the room and says 'Oh we are trying to get Bella to potty train so I bought this video.' She handed me a dvd and I looked at the cover. It was a Bear in the Big Blue House video called, 'Potty Time With Bear'.

I then turned to look at the tv and I had to get a double-take. On the screen - right before my eyes - was a bear puppet sitting on the toilet. Oh that did not look right to me. I know that the video is harmless (READ: I will not be picketing in front of the Disney Studio's with a picket sign saying: 'Everybody poops -- except puppets!'). I have no problems with the concept, however, it just seems so weird seeing a puppet sitting on a toilet. I always thought that when puppets ate that all the 'food' just crumbled out of their mouths ala Cookie Monster... ;)

Needless to say I hope the video works for my niece, otherwise I see an outbreak of Care Bears being plunged from my sister's toilet in the near future.


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