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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

My Morning: Part II - In Search of Mike and Ike -or- How I Made a Truck Drivers Day

There I was just sitting in rush hour traffic and it was more hour than rush. The interstate traffic was heavier than it's usual heavy-self at 8:00 in the morning. Stop and go. Stop and go. I finally got a chance to open up the box of Mike and Ikes that I grabbed on the way out of the house. Since it was a small box, I just poured all of the contents in my left hand. Now there is a pattern that I follow when I eat Mike and Ikes. I eat the flavor I like the least first and that is followed the one I like the second on and so on...until I get to my favorite flavor. So it's red, yellow,orange, green and pink.

I'm driving - or should that be 'stop and going' in the left hand lane. Just listening to the radio and eating my Mike and Ikes. Traffic is c-r-a-w-l-i-n-g. Finally, I get to my favorite flavor and unfortunately this box of Mike and Ikes only and two of them. As I go to put the last one in my mouth, the Mike and Ike slipped out of my hand and right onto my seat. I HAD to find my last Mike and Ike... I just had to!

There I was with right hand in between my legs seaching for the lost Mike and Ike that was now under my butt. I am searching and searching with my hand. Finally, I got my hand right under my butt and got that Mike and Ike! I grabbed it and just as I was about to put it in my mouth something told me to look up and to my right.

There he was with the biggest smile on his face. I guess it must be almost every guys fantasy to see a woman in her car sitting in traffic with her hand and arms by her crotch.

You're welcome Mr. truck driver man.


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