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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

My Morning : Part I - aka - Alarm clocks and School Bus and Poptarts....Oh My!

Today is starting off pretty lousy.

I must have put the button on the wrong setting when I turned my alarm clock on last night. Instead of waking up to the sound of 'You're Beautiful' (or whatever song the radio guys play over and over and over again) I was awoken out of bed by that annoying beeping sound. - You know, the sound of 1,000 screaching monkeys screaming in your head and you can never turn the damn alarm off fast enough. - I did manage to turn it off and I put my head back on my pillow with the intention of just laying (or is it lying?) in my bed for just a couple more minutes.

Thirty minutes later...

I wiped the drool off my mouth and scurried out of bed. Time is precious, as we all know. However, it is even more precious when you are a mom to kids who have to be at the school (bus) at a certain time....And it is even more precious when you have kids that have to be at school a certain time AND you have to be at work at a certain time too. I did manage to get myself ready in a somewhat decent time. I was still running a little late. Sure my pants are wrinkly and I'm pretty sure I put my deodorant on, but who cares I knocked 15 minutes off my best time.

I went into the older boys' room to get them up. Christian was already getting out of bed. I never have to worry about getting Christian up in the morning. He has to be one the most happiest morning persons I've ever met. I considered this a curse when he was baby and he wanted to wake up at 6 (sometimes 5)a.m. However, now it is so nice to have him just jump out of bed the minute I open my bedroom door. There is no screaming, 'Wake up!' with him or no moaning and groaning coming from him.

Now Timmy, on the other hand, is the complete opposite. I usually let him stay in the bed for a little while so he can wake up at his own pace. Otherwise, he is just a almost six-year-old monster...and for those who have ever run across that kind of monster knows how dangerous they can be with their growls and snarls. Oh and the morning breath you get a wiff of because while they don't want you to look -or talk- to them, they insist on hanging right on you. This morning Timmy was slower (and more dangerous) than usual so I had to act like I was going to sit on him to actually get him out of bed.

We had wardrobe discussions ('but mom, I don't wanna wear that shirt.') and wardrobe malfunctions (hole in the 'butt' stiching of shorts.). We had breakfast menu frowns ('I don't want french toast. I just want a poptart.') and a burnt breakfast fiasco(it was the poptart...those things are EVIL!).

Since I had to feed and dress Mason I didn't have time to feed myself breakfast. I grabbed the most convenient thing I could find. Not a banana. Not a cereal bar. Not even a (evil) poptart. I grabbed a small box of Mike and Ikes. Yep, the breakfast of mom's who are running late and need a sugar rush.

Happily, I got the boys to the school bus on time.

Getting to work is another story.

(To be continued....)


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