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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hamster Watch: 2006 (Update)

Do you think our culprit fell for this?

We were going for a restaurant-feel for this trap. Come on -- What hamster doesn't like to eat out? Now here is a little background on the structure. The bird trophies were Timmy's idea. He said he thought it would make the restaurant look "fancy". The tin on the side of the trap was Christian's idea. He thought that if the hamster jumped on it the sound would wake him up and he could catch the hamster. (Ummm...this coming from the same kid who slept through a bunch of videotapes and bucket collapsing on the floor.) It was my idea to mention the female hamsters on the sign. What young, bachelor wouldn't mind being with the females? (In a no-kid environment I would've written "Live, Nude Hamsters". ;)...wait let me strike that... in a no-kid environment there wouldn't be any hamster(s) in the first place!) After this picture was taken we spread some food and carrots on the floor to entice the subject.

So did he fall for it the first night?

In short - No. . I thought maybe the bird statues might have scared him -you know because of the whole hunter/prey thing - so I removed them. Timmy was upset that I removed them and I didn't remove Christian's tin. So to be fair I removed that as well.

Did that work?

Nope...not on the second night either. The next day, I removed the sign because maybe the hamster was confused because the picture on the sign looks more like a dog....a deformed looking dog...but a dog all the same.

Did it work that third night?

Nothing! Now by this point I was beginning to worry that the hamster was going to dehydrate. The following night I put a dixie cup full of water next to the "restaurant". Did he mess with the trap? The rat didn't! However, I'm sure he enjoyed the nice cup of water because it was all gone in the morning!

I guess it's time to make a new trap!


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