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Friday, April 28, 2006

Are Poems a Requirement for a Blog?

For the past couple of days I've been lurking on other blogs and I've noticed that a lot of the blogs contain some really creative writing such as poems. (Duh...who would've thought that a blog would be a creative outlet...silly me.) Most of the poems I've read are about love and heartbreak, some about death and others are just a hodge podge of ones inner-makings (is that a word? probably not.).

I'm getting kind of envious of all the creativity that is flowing around the Blo-double g- e- r (how is THAT for original? - I didn't think so.). This caused me to go through the Weenerm0m archives. Let me take you back to the year 1990. I am sitting in Mr. M's sixth period English class. It appears that instead of reading _The Scarlet Letter_ Mr. M would like everyone to write a poem about - what else?- a bird. While everyone is writing about the beauty of the bird and how it takes flight...I write this:

Driving in my car.
Feeling kind of rude.
It was my time of the month
and boy was I in a bad mood.
When all of the sudden
I hit something bumpy.
I swallowed my Hubba Bubba
and my throat became lumpy.
I got out of the car
to take a quick glance.
It was dark and gloomy
but I had to take that chance.
I looked around the bumper
and then around the tire.
I caught a glimpse of the sight.
It was nothing to admire.
It was a bird.
The bird was dead.
I know because
I ran over it's head!

Ummm....I don't think I did so well in class with that poem. However, Mr. M did say it was "different". Oh and for those who like to post songs....I haven't figured out what beat it goes with.:)


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