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Friday, April 21, 2006

Got Rain?

Mason is getting baptized this weekend. After the baptism (or "bap-ma-tism" as Christian says), we are having a gathering of friends and family at our house. We planned this day a month ago. During that time, I - being ever so brilliant...not! - decided that we should grill outside. I really should have known better, really I should. If I were a baseball player and I was batting against Mother Nature, my batting average would be a 0.1 (is that possible?). Whenever, I plan an outside gathering, 99% of the time it rains. I was soooo sure that I was due to have a good weather day. As of this past Sunday I have been on weather watch. I go to the weather sites on the internet. I watch every news channels weather. I talk to everyone about the weather and ask what they hear/think Sunday should be like. Yesterday, I swear my dog Daisy, tipped her waterbowl over on purpose to tell me that it is going to rain. I AM OBSESSED!

So far this is what it looks like...

Okay, so what the heck does this mean? Is it going to rain first, then get sunny? Is the sun going to be out while it rains? I know! - maybe it will be sunny, but everytime I step on my patio to start the grill the sun will hide behind a cloud and it will rain. I have come to the conclusion that if/whenever we have a drought, I'm going to invite everyone over for an outside party. I'm sure it will rain then!

Maybe this is God's way of telling me I need to go to church more. Or maybe I should just not throw anymore outdoor parties. Hmmmmm........??


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