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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

These pictures are just...crap!

Weenermom's Tips For Having Your Baby's Pictures Done At A Studio (pre-April 13, 2006)

1.) DON'T schedule the appointment during a time that the baby usually naps.
2.) DON'T schedule th
e appointment during a time that the baby usually eats.
3.) Put
a bib on the baby to catch all of that drool and/or spit-up. (You don't want to get anything on the baby's nice outfit!)
4.) If this is not a holiday pictur
e, try to avoid busy times of the year at the studio.

Weenermom's Tips For Having Your Baby's Pictures Taken At A Studio (post-April 13, 2006)

1.) It doesn't matter what time you schedul
e the baby's appointment because he will decide that he wants to change his sleep schedule that very day.
2.) Since he wanted to change his sleep schedule, he may as well want to change the time he wants to eat too.
3.) Never schedule an appointment when it is allergy season because your head is stuffy and you can't smell a thing!

4.) Take the baby naked because of all the time in the day, he decides just then to take a massive dump in his diaper...and because you can't smell a damn thing - and he doesn't do his usual production or grunting and red face - you don't discover the mess until you have to take him out of his stroller and see poop....EVERYWHERE (and I mean everywhere).
5.) Since you didn't listen to Rule #4 on your
original list, there are lots of people staring at you as you get poop all over yourself including your clothes.
6.) Bring a change of clothes for yourself.

7.) Bring lots of extra wipes and/or a water blaster.
8.) If the studio is at the mall, park close to the studio. You don't want to have to walk through the mall with a bunch of crap on you - unless that is a fashion statement you want to make.
9.) Have the hose ready when you get home so you can hose down the poop filled stroller.
10.) Have any type of alcohol produc
t ready at your disposal when you get home. (And if you don't drink, make a trip to the liquor store the day before.
11.) Just forget about it. Next time, just put take a picture of the kid yourself and photoshop it just like you did his newborn picture (see above). Saves you money, keeps your sanity - or what you have left of it- and the odds of you becoming an alcoholic are less likely!


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