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Monday, May 01, 2006

HAMSTER WATCH: 2006 (Update) ver-wy ver-wy quiet. I'm hunting hamster!

Still no hamster, but I know he is around. I fill a dixie cup full of water and one full of food and put them on the floor in the boy's room every night. Every morning they come up pretty much empty. It is a strong lead, but I'm about to give up on ever finding that hamster! I've been feeding this damn hamster every night and I still don't know of his whereabouts. Of course
I've now given him no reason to ever be found. I mean he has the perfect life...He can go wherever he wants and he still gets fed!

I'm pretty sure he is in the older boys' room, but where? I looked in every crevice of the boy's room. I have to admit that I wasn't going to look in/on/under the boys' hamper because just by the smells alone would be suicide - nothing could possibly survive. However who was I kidding? We are talking about a critter that eats and sleeps around it's own poop! I figure by now Daisy would've sniffed him out, but she is so old and lazy. The hamster could perform the whole production of "Cats" in front of her face and the dog still won't budge.

Where can that mop-head be?


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