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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Ready or Not...

Last night Rich and I were sitting around just flocking (don't get that confused with the other "f" word. ;) ) on the couch. He brought up the subject of who is going to watch Mason when the rest of us goes to Philly for a ....okay, don't laugh.... comic book convention. -Sidenote: This was not my idea! I'm going as a birthday present for Rich. He told me that he "wishes I was more involved in his hobbies". So let's see...I could watch a whole season of football with Rich yelling at the t.v. or I could spend one measly day with a bunch of people who like to talk about things such as how much better Spider-Man's old costume is compared to his new one. I like to be tortured swiftly instead of it I opted for the convention. - So anyway...

Rich suggested that his mom could come over our house and watch Mason for the day. Now his mom drives 25 miles (each way) to our house five days a week to pick Timmy up from school. Between the drive and taking care of Rich's dad it really has taken a toll on her. I say "No, how 'bout I just ask my mom?" It's true that my mom has Mason five days a week, but I know she wouldn't mind if I asked her and plus she is in much better health.

He had only one problem with my choice. "Yeah but we have to drive south to drop him off and then shoot right back up north to go there." (my mom doesn't drive)


"So, we'll have to leave earlier."

"So we'll leave earlier then."

"Lately you've been running behind...we'll probably get there at 10 because of how slow you are at getting ready."

"Ummm excuse me, but I don't only get "myself" ready! I have three other people -- excluding myself -- that I have to help get ready. "

"Oh yeah, that's right." (Oh yeah, you're an ass sometimes.)

So what is the resolution? -- My mom will watch Mason. I will get Mason ready and fed. Rich will help Christian and Timmy get ready and fed (they are pretty self-sufficient) -- but Rich is not allowed to pick out their clothes (you should see the outfits he comes up with sometimes!).


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