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Friday, May 05, 2006

Hamster Watch : 2006 (Special Report)

It's been almost a month since the hamster known as Porter II, Bowzer, Princess Bowzer, C.R.A.P has escaped from our custody. Since the past few stakeouts have resulted in the knowledge that he is indeed still alive, we have still yet to come across his hideout. Thanks from a tip from a concerned citizen (Thanks Dawn!) who has also had to deal with such incidents we had a new game plan in action.

The Trap:

The Plan:

We were to seduce the perpetrator with a trail of food. This trail was to lead him to a stairway of even more food. He was to follow the stairs to the top where he would see a bounty of food and water at the bottom. He was to "jump" in and be stuck there until his capture. Brilliant...wouldn't you say?

What did my fellow detectives have to say? (This is a reinactment.)
And the Rookie detective?

And how about our trusty guard dog?

Even with the doubt of my team, I still wanted to follow through with the plan of action. I must admit that the structure was not as sturdy as I would have liked it to be, however, it did pass the FINGER TEST. The Finger Test is a complicated test that involves my index and middle fingers. I move my two finger as if they are "walking". I "walked" my finger up the structure and even made them "jump" up and down. Needless to say the structure passed the test. We were to follow through with the plan...that (last night) night.

As I woke up this morning, I was eager to see if we had indeed caught the culprit. This is a picture of the scene:
I must admit that this was very disappointing to see. It appears the the Finger Test is not as fool-proof as originally thought! We will retry this idea once again, but with a more sturdy structure. (And no Finger Test!)

Just an FYI, but we have reason to believe that the suspect has changed his appearance. We have digitally changed his appearance to show you what he may look like now:

If you come across this hamster, please do not try to apprehend him yourself....He may put little hamster "bullets" on you!

Stay tuned for continuing coverage of Hamster: 2006!


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