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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

....And what did YOU get?

Well, Mother's Day has come and left the Weener house. I must say that all in all it really was a nice day. I got to sleep in and let me tell you that extra ten minutes did me wonders. ;) I had a gourmet breakfast (in bed, mind you) of cheerios, semi-burnt toast - that had globs of butter on some parts of it and nothing on other parts - and a glass of iced tea.

What I got from the boys...

Christian and Timmy presented me with their presents that they made for me in school. I have to tell you that the gifts the boys make are always my favorite gifts. I know what they make takes time and I can tell it comes from the heart.

Christian wrote this note at school. It says (in his words):
Dear Mom,
I love you very much. You are doing a good job feed my brother Mason. I'm proud to have a mom like you. Your the best mom in the whole world. I like when you make chicken for dinner. You are so nice to me in many ways like taking me to the zoo. Your very nice to me and Timmy and Mason. Every day at school I think about you. If I had to pick form all the moms in the whole world I would pick you. Also you make my world shin. Your the greatest mom ever.
Love , Christian.
(How sweet is that?)

Now here is what Timmy wrote me:

I'll give you a hundred bucks if you can translate that one. ;) I had to have him read this to me a few times. It says:

"When I feel bad my mom cheers me up. My mom and me play a game."

Yep, he is a boy of many words.

After I got all teary reading what they had written me I was given an envelope. "This is from the kids." Rich informed me. I opened up the card and inside was a gift card to Kohls for a generous amount of money. I thanked the boys and gave them each a hug...some more willing to accept it than others because of the whole mom-cooties thing.

What I got from my loving husband...

As I was about to get out of bed, Rich had this huge smile on his face as he handed me a gift bag. "This is from me." must be a G-rated present if he was giving me the gift in front of the boys. I looked inside the bag. I pulled out a white piece of clothing with pink wording . I didn't know what to say. It was so... thoughtful?- No that's not the word. I mean it WAS thoughtful that he did give me something, but...that? Okay, I got it. -- It was so... Raiders. - It was so my husband! My loving husband gave me --are you ready for this?-- a white and pink Raiders jersey!

A jersey?! You know what this means, right? Every Sunday during football season I will be expected to wear the This is going to be the beginning of the whole domino effect. I guess I should be thankful because now I have something to wear with those silk Raiders pajama pants that he had gotten me for Christmas! I don't know...maybe he is on to something?

<<<---- The new look for Fall 2006. (Hell, I've seen worse!)

You know, my birthday is in a couple of months...I wonder what Raiders-type item I will get next? -- underwear? (oh wait-- I got that on Christmas '03) or maybe a comforter set (yeah, he can get that for his NEW wife.).

Men...gotta love 'em. (Okay, you don't gotta, but I sure do. :) )


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