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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Good Luck Or Bad Luck.....?

Your doctors tell you that you are very sick and have about a year to live. You quit your job and do away with all of your possessions by either selling them or giving them away. You then proceed to live what's left of your life to the take plenty of trips and spurge on expensive restaurants. In the end, the only thing you have left is the clothes that you are to be buried in.

And then something funny happens...

A year goes by...and you're not dead.

Another year goes by and you're still not dead.

What's up with that?

So you go to the doctor only to find out...Oops! It appears that you don't have that life threatening disease afterall. You are going to live... It's a miracle!

You are very happy to find out that you are not going to die any time soon. However, you now pretty much have nothing.

And now he's suing the hospital...;_ylt=AhcgKL_.nihtFtxb3SsY1HrtiBIF

Ummm...maybe he should've gotten a second opinion?


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