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Friday, October 13, 2006

Just In Case You Didn't Check Your Calendar

Today is...
So you know what that means, right?

  1. A visit to Crystal Lake today is OUT of the question.
  2. I will not be having sex in the middle of the ;).
  3. If any of my deranged relatives visit me donning a hockey mask and a sharp object, I'm running like there is no tomorrow. (This would happen any day...not just today and they don't have to wear a hockey mask either!)
  4. I will not be having sex in an abanoned ;)
  5. If someone calls me today to inform me that I've been approved a position as a camp counselor - and I have to start TODAY, I think l'm going to decline the position.
  6. I will not be having sex at ;)
  7. I will not parade around ;)
  8. Did I mention I won't be having sex?

Happy Friday The 13th Everyone!


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