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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Once Upon A Time...

When I was a little girl, I had a collection of Disney Little Golden Books. I had all of them too; Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Lady and the Tramp, Pinocchio, Bambi, etc... However, my favorite of all time was Cinderella. I mean - really - what a great story. I just loved the whole idea of an innocent young girl - whose mother died when she was a child and whose father died some time later - leaving her all alone to be the slave of her evil stepmother and ugly stepsisters. Oh wait, but Cinderella wasn't really all alone, was she? Afterall she did have her nice mice friends that she talked/sang/danced with all of the time. Oh and how can I forget Cinderella's Fairy Godmother who turned objects into...well...other objects and turned mice into men (or horses). I said....great story.

So anyway, you all know the rest. Cinderella goes to the ball, hooks up with Prince Charming and before the Prince can get her digits, she leaves him out in the cold. Prince Charming then goes on a mad woman-hunt searching for her. Eventually he finds her. (And Cinderella realizes she's been talking to smelly rodents all this time and calls an exterminator.) In the end Cinderella and the prince get married and they live happily ever after...yadda...yadda...yadda...

Let me tell you this story gave me HIGH expectations.

No...I wasn't expecting my parents to die - leaving me to be the concubine of some evil relative - and I sure as hell wasn't going to start conversing with mice. What I mean is that it gave me high romantic expectations. Even at the age of 12, I wanted to be swooped off of my feet by some -- any really -- cute preppy/skater boy. If a boy liked me, I wanted him to tell me in a "How do I love thee?---Let me count the ways..." sort of way and not in a "Do you want to hang out with me in front of the mall?" way. Remember...I was only 12...

At the age of 14, I realized that none of that romantic crap was ever going to happen to me. -- I was never going to get swooped. -- So when my first real kiss happened by the 7-11 with the boy awkwardly poking his tongue in my mouth - and not passionately by the moon-lit ocean (Should I mention that I lived 3+ hours away from the ocean?) - I was okay with it all. Hey, at least he bought me a Slurpee afterwards. ;) The whole idea of a Fairy Tale romance went out of the door...along with my Prince Charming fantasies.

So out went the Prince and in went Lloyd Dobler... If any of you saw the movie "Say Anything", you'll know what I mean. Let me just say that I would've lost my virginity in the back of Lloyd Dobler's car instead of in a big, fancy castle any day.



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