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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

There Goes That Superpower...

If you like to explore the World Wide Web during...oh...say lunch...or when the kids are mock killing each other with lightsabres and you just need to step away for a while. You may have come across this blinkie at one time or another: What does this tell you about the owner of this blinkie? Oh...I believe the owner of this blinkie is usually a breastfeeding mother - or at least a mother who can produce milk from her boobage area. (Or maybe even a strange dairy farmer, but I'm not going there....) The owner of this blinkie woman wants to show the world - or at least the group of people on her messageboard - her accomplishment with flashing graphics in a 2" x 4" (or whatever the hell size it is) box.

Before I go on, let me just say that I will never, ever, own a blinkie.

Don't get me wrong, I don't loathe them like those hideous croc shoes. ;) It's just that I am just not a blinkie kind of girl. Before last week - and if I were a blinkie enthusiaist - I would have been able to use the above blinkie. However while drying myself off after taking a shower last week, I decided to check the Weenermom Boobie Well. (READ: Squeeze my nipple to see if anything would come out.) I know what you all are thinking and the answer is "No, I don't do that all of the time." and "Yes, I know I'm weird.". Now I haven't breastfed Mason since he was a week old and that was 14 months ago, but I was always able to produce some type of liquid out of my boobs since that time.

Not anymore.

It seems that the Weenermom Well is all dried out. Never again will it be 'stocked' with a milk supply. When I think about it, it's all kind of bittersweet...I'm not talking about my breastmilk (although I never tried to taste it...ewww...)...I mean...While I am so ready to move on to the next phase of motherhood, I'm kind of sad to think that never again will my body be able to produce a substance that helps nourish another human being. Never again will I feel little flutters coming from my belly and it's not the result of me eating the whole tub of Ben and Jerrys. Never again will I hold a squirming infant that came from my womb. Never again will I be hospitalized for pregnancy related kidney stones. Never again will I have to stay up at an unGodly hour(s) to entertain/feed/comfort a newborn. While it all isn't a gaggle of fun, I'm sure gonna miss those days. However, I'm moving on to the next stage of my life and on to big and better superpowers... - Glitter Graphics - Glitter Graphics

Yeah...Yeah...I'm not that Blinkie Kinda Girl, but that's technically not a blinkie. :)


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