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Monday, September 11, 2006

Toy Wars

Yesterday I became a woman on a mission.

It took a run-in with dark figure in a yellow truck. (READ: I tripped over a Darth Vader sitting in a Tonka truck.) That was the staw that broke the camals back! --- Or should I say the truck that almost broke Mommy's back (and arm and leg and pelvis...) So I grabbed a box of the industrial sized garbage bags and a bottle of water - 'cause I was going to be there for a while - and to the boys' playroom I went!

If a piece/limb was missing on a toy, in the garbage bag it went. If it was a tiny piece to something, it was trash. If it was a toy that would make annoying and obnoxious noises/sounds.....trash. I had NO mercy on those toys. Okay, okay I did have mercy on some of the toys. (Darn that Toy Story movie!) If truth be told, my boys probably play with 25 percent of what is in the playroom in the first place. Enough was enough!

The toys I did manage to keep are all separated by category (action figures, cars, tools, police toys...) and put in their own bins. Even all of the playstation and gamecube games are in the correct cases!

The end result?
Yep...Even the little soccer guys are the right way! Don't worry...I know the room will not stay this way for long. I give it...oh....until 4:00pm today.

But let me have my moment...


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