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Monday, September 18, 2006


That is how many days I had survived as a mother of a child who never had a broken bone. Sure we had a staple or two in the head here and some stiches on the forehead there, but never did anything ever get fractured or broken. Well, the cast-free streak at the Weener-house ended this past Tuesday. Christian fractured his arm while scrimmaging with his team during football practice. At first Rich and I were in denial about the whole fracture thing and wishfully hoped that it was just a sprained wrist.

Boy were we wrong.

On Christian's 8th birthday he got a cast put on his arm. He'll probably be in it four/six weeks...Yep, it'll definitely last longer than any other birthday present we had ever gotten him. Oh and did I mention that Christian's birthday party was this past weekend? He had a putt-putt party. Poor kid had to golf one-handed. He was a sport though and never complained. He actually did pretty well!

It is definitely a birthday we'll never forget...that is unless he decides to break something else next year. Hopefully, we will never have another fractured/broken anything in the Weener-house. The odds of that, however, are not in our favor. That is...unless I buy all the Weeners a bubble that I can put them all in.

Hmmmmm....that gives me an idea.

Note-to-self: Buy kids a bubble for Christmas.


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