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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Weigh-In on Weighing In...

Before I begin my little rant, I just want to say that I'm a adjulation junkie. I am not afraid to admit that I LOVE to get complimented, but honestly who doesn't? Hell, I'll even take a left-handed compliment. A compliment , even of the unmeaningful kind, is still a compliment... ;)

Now with that said...

So I've been - literally - working my butt off for the past couple of months. I do my elliptical practically every morning and - on days when I can - I even started running again (with Mason in the jogging stroller) . The result? My clothes are fitting me better and I even went down a pants size. Oh and my boobs now stick out more than my muffin top -- that in itself is a wonderful accomplishment.

You want to hear something funny? A co-worker asked if I wanted her size 6 pair of jeans. My first reaction was laughter and after I picked myself off of the floor it was explained to me that they were 'a way too big size 6'. Well, I couldn't believe that someone - anyone - would even think of me in a size SIX....Even of the 'too big' variety. Once upon a time - and a size 24 ago - that never would have happened. So I was flattered... (Even though there was/is no way I could get my size 10/12 arse into a size 'way too big 6'.)

Now on to my rant.....

With all of these fantastic things happening to my body, I'm still a bit baffled and somewhat miffed. Can someone - for the love of all cinnamon rolls everywhere - tell me how come the scale isn't budging? I'm even being good food-wise. I'm not overeating and - on most days - I don't stray towards 'bad foods'....

Some of you are probably thinking, "Oh, You are probably gaining muscle." Yeah...okay..but at the rate I'm going I'm aiming to look like Arnold Schwarteneggar (sp?) by Halloween. Some of you are also probably saying, "Don't pay attention to what the scale says; Pay attention to what your clothes say." Well...While I love what the clothes are saying, I also want the scale to compliment me too! It's true that actions speak louder than words, but I want words - or in my case - lower numbers. Damn it scale!...TALK TO ME! It's like the scale is my parent and while I know that the scale is proud of my accomplishment(s), it still won't sit me down and tell me it's proud of me.

*Phew* With all that said, it feels like some of the weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. Wait! Maybe I should check the scale and see what it says.

Nope...Still the same.


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