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Friday, October 13, 2006

Boogie Pickers Anonymous

I've been informed by my middle son that he is now a reformed boogie picker. (and I'm assuming boogie eater too because if you ain't digging for gold, you sure can't eat/flash it too.) This was our conversation.
Timmy: Guess what mom.

Me: What?

Timmy: Guess!

Me: What?

Timmy: Come on Mom....Guess!

Me: Okay, you have a girlfriend.

Timmy: Ew Mom....that is gross!

Me: Well, what is it?

Timmy: I haven't picked my nose once today.

Me: Wow! That is great Timmy. Good for you!

Timmy: Yep, I think I just need one more day...

Me: One more day to what?

Timmy: One more day to stop picking my nose...

Me: (a little confused) Oh. And then you can get a girlfriend because girls like boys better when they don't pick their nose.

Timmy: (Unknowingly with finger on - but not in - nose...) Mooom-mmmm...Stop grossing me out! (Proceeds to - unknowingly - put finger in nose...)

Oh to be a six year old boy and think that girls are grosser than boogies!


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