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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Let The Bidding Begin!

Okay, so apparently there was some kind of bidding war going on with publishers for the pictures of Brad and Angelina's baby. The winning bidder bid $4.some million dollars for the rights of the first pics of the babe. Now it's true that Brangelina is going to donate all that money to a good cause, but COME ON PEOPLE. That's $4 million dollars...for heaven's sake it's a......picture! Now maybe it's more than one, but it's still just PICTURES! I know... I know, the world 'supposedly' has been waiting to see the spawn of the most beautiful couple. However, is it really worth $4 MILLION dollars?

Come to think of it - I have lots of pictures of my kids. I have been showing pictures of my kids for free for YEARS. Maybe I should just start having people bid to see pics of the spawns of Rich and I. Sure Rich and I are not the most beautiful of people and we sure don't have the lifestyle - or money - of Brad and Angelina. We did go to the zoo last weekend....that is as close to Nambia as we ever will be.....hmmmmm.....

Let the bidding begin!

The first picture you will be bidding on is a picture of the first time one of the Risa (Lich?)'s children went poopy on the potty.

Should we start the bidding at $4 million dollars?


How 'bout $3 million?

No takers?

2 million?







Okay, how about $10 and a coupon for a free cheeseburger from McDonalds?

Just the coupon?


Ahhhhh forget it! I think I'll keep showing pics for free.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL I totally agree I can't believe 4 million for pics that is crazy and I would rather show my pics for free :)

7:47 PM  

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