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Friday, June 02, 2006

The Difference Between Mommy-People And Grandma-People*
by Mason, EBI (Experience Baby Investigator)

*Please Note that results may and will vary. Not all Mommy-People and not all Grandma-People are alike!

Mommy-People <<----------->> Grandma-People

  • Mommy-People gave you.
  • Grandma-People gave birth....but not to you.
  • Mommy-People will pull their hair up when you continue to yank on it.
  • Grandma-People will take their hair OFF.
  • Mommy-People will put you on the floor so you can play.
  • Grandma-People will pick you up from the floor and later complain that you get held too much.
  • Mommy-People will let you taste her popsicle.
  • Grandma-People will question whether you can have a popsicle. Oh, but you sure can suck the juice out of her pickel!
  • Mommy-People just has to leave the room and you cry.
  • Grandma-People takes out her teeth and you cry.

This is a continuing study...


Blogger hoping4_zzzsss said...

LMAO - this was a great study LOL I hope to see more of these comparisons :)

8:45 PM  
Blogger Nikki said...

LMAO that is hilarious cant wait to read more of your ongoing study ;)

6:05 PM  

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