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Thursday, May 24, 2007

So I Got The Thinking...
(Warning: It's pretty scary whenever I say, "So I got the thinking...")

They have singing telegrams for birthdays and they even have them for special events like a job promotion or anniversary. However, they don't have singing telegrams to cover those special mommy moments.

Are you confused? Here let me set this up for you...

You are walking down the stairs...catching your breath after running around the house trying to catch your toddler (who btw was recently potty-trained) so s/he can take his/her afternoon nap. All of the sudden someone rings your doorbell. As you blow the displaced strands of hair out of your face, you look up to see who is at the door. Needless to say you are kinda dumbfounded when you see it's some guy dressed up as an oversized diaper. You don't know whether to just start running - because apparently this guy is insane - or to ask him what he wants.

You stay there and ask the diaper what he wants.

Imagine your surprise when he tells you that your friend 'fill-in-the-blank' has sent you a singing telegram and the big diaper-guy starts to sing...

(to the music of "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You" by Frankie Valli )

You know it's too good to be true
No more kids in diapers for you
Goodbye Huggies and such
No more padded bottoms to touch
At long last the time has arrived
All of those diaper-years you survived
You know it's too good to be true
No more changin' poo-poo for you

A potty, baby
Squeezed in your bathroom tight
A potty, baby
No more twisty diaper fights
A potty, baby
Trust in me when I say
A potty, baby
Teach 'em aim correctly, I pray
A potty, baby
Now the underwear is here to stay

No more diapers for you, baby
No more diapers....

End scene.

So what'da think?

Too scary and strange, you say?

Darn...and I had a great song for that moment when you finally get rid of the pacifer that was set to the music of 'Cherry Pie' by Warrant. (Goodbye, Noonie, bye bye...). Oh...the song for after you had "the" talk with you adolescent. (You talked about sex baby. You talked about the birds and the bees...).

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