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Friday, February 02, 2007


That is what I think Timmy - my middle weener - suffers from. is not petrified of socks. That would be silly. You see, I'm quite sure that Timmy has some kind of irrational fear about putting his dirty socks in the hamper. I say this because it seems I find his dirty socks everywhere, BUT in the hamper. He will put all his other dirty clothes in the correct spot; his pants...his shirts...his underwear, but socks are a whole other story. And I'm not just talking "Oh look there is Timmy's dirty sock in the middle of the floor.". It's a little more complicated than that. He hides them. Let me tell you this kid will put a whole lot of effort in finding hiding spots for his dirty socks. I've found them under the dining room between the cushions of the couch (and you all know who often I check there.). He even put them in the front pocket of his bookbag. The other day I was kneeling on the floor wiping down the kitchen table and chairs when I found this:'s socks.

What am I going to do with this kid? Maybe there is some kind of support group for kids who have an extreme dislike of putting their dirty undergarments in the hamper? I'm sure he'll grow out of it, but let me just say that if I come up with missing dirty socks...I know there is a problem.

Until then I like to think of myself as an explorer in search of the unknown - kinda like Indian Jones - but instead of searching for things like the Holy Grail...I'm in search of stinky...dirty socks. :)


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