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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Jumpin' For A Reason...

February is National Heart Disease Awareness Month. On February 14th the boys' school is having a Jump Rope For Heart. It's where the kids jump rope to raise money for heart disease. The weeners are pretty excited for this event. Mainly I would say it's because they will get to miss some classes, but they are also excited because they have a reason to be jumping.

The other day the boys each brought home from school with paper cut-outs in the shape of a heart. On both hearts there was written: " I'm Jumpin' For _____________". Automatically, I knew who's name they could write on their hearts. My FIL who had passed away this past August. He had suffered from heart disease for years and years and it was the main factor in his death.

Before I even had a chance to suggest their grandfather, Christian already had a marker in his hand writing out "Dzia Dzia" (that's Polish for's pronounced 'Ja-Ja'.) on his heart. Timmy followed suit and did the same.

So come this February 14th, my boys... will be jumping their young, healthy hearts out for their Dzia Dzia.


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