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Friday, February 16, 2007

If You Got To...You've Got To...

Everyone who owns (and watches) television has at least one "got to" movie. Some of you are probably looking at your monitor and scratching your head wondering what exactly a "got to" movie is. So in case you don't know what a "got to" movie is, (which you probably don't because I just made it up like ten minutes ago...) let me explain.

A "got to" movie is a movie that - even though you've watched it a gazillion times - if you come across it while flicking channels on the TV you've got to stop and watch the movie... again.

There is also something you should know about "got to" movies. They come in two different categories. First there are the "got to" movies that you are not afraid to admit to others that you watch because for the most part they are pretty good movies to watch. I call them your "Golden Got To" movies. "Golden Got To" movies are movies that - even if they didn't do well in the theater's - nine out of ten of your friends like the movie.

And then you have your "got to" movies that you are not as likely to own up to ever watching....let alone even liking.

These are what I call your "Cheesy Got To" movies. "Cheesy Got To" movies are usually the cheesiest of the cheesiest of movies. These are movies that probably only lasted in the theaters for like a week...or worse went a straight to video. The plot is cheesy bad. The acting is cheesy bad. Everything about the movie is cheesy bad. With that said however, there is still something about it - who knows what - that makes you keep watching...over and over and over again.

I know you are all dying to see my "got to" list. And even if you're it is!

My "Golden Got To" Movies
Lord of the Rings (all three of them)
Princess Bride
Dirty Dancing
Good Fellas

And with a big breath...

My "Cheesy Got To" Movies
Grease 2
Roller Boogie (I just added this one to my list...everything about this movie is BAD, but I can't help myself from watching it!)

Okay I owned up to mine. What's your favorite "Got To" movie(s)?....The cheesier the better!


Blogger Susan M said...

Roller Boogie has always been my Go To movie of choice... it's horrible good!

3:44 AM  

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