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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

You Don't Actually Think The Only Reason I Had Kids Was To Love And Nurture Them...Did You....?

I also had them so they could be my own personal slaves! (evil laugh)

I *cough* made the older weeners go out and shovel. However, first they had to make me breakfast, put a load of clothes in the wash, make my bed and clean the dishes...Oh wait...That's what 'I' did. So it seems 'I'm' their personal slave, but hey I can't complain (okay I can, but won't) because I signed up for the mom-jig years ago.

Alright, so I didn't actually make them shovel the snow - they volunteered. I told them to go ahead and knock their socks off. I thought they would only last five minutes, but nope...they were out there for a good thirty minutes shoveling. They had a ball doing it.

Don't believe me?

They were only grazing the top layer of snow/ice. I do give them mad props though and rewarded my mighty shovelers with a mugful of hot chocolate each! And after they chugged their hot chocolate...I went outside myself and really shoveled. :)


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