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Thursday, February 15, 2007

I Hope Everyone Had A Good Valentine's Day

Rich and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day - which is fine and dandy by me. My sister asked if I get upset that he doesn't get me anything for V-Day and I told her if doesn't bother me at all. I much rather he surprise me with something on a random day. Now don't get me wrong, if he ever happened to get me anything on V-Day, I will NOT complain. However, if he gets me this I may have to unwrap the box and stick it in his ear....or ass...whichever was more convenient at the time...

(Warning: Don't play with kids in room. As a matter of fact, don't play this with your significant other in the room as well. Ya don't want them to get any 'ideas' for gifts, if you know what I mean...)



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