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Monday, February 19, 2007

Do You See What I See?....

So you say it's a pair of tweezers.
That is correct.
Can you see what the tweezer has in it's grip?
Oh probably can't.
I'll just have to tell you.
In between the teeth of the cold, metal tweezers is
It's so tiny that you have to squint to see it.
It's not an eyebrow hair.
It's not a nose hair.
It's a chin hair!
My first chin hair to be exact...
And now that I have one chin hair
I'm sure there will be more to come.
It's bad enough I have to wax my mustache.
But now I have pluck hairs out of my chin too.
I'm old.
Getting old is so not glamorous, but...

With all of my complaining
And shallowness...

I'm glad I have the opportunity to become
Don't get me wrong,

aging sucks.
Wrinkles are icky.
Nose hairs are just plain WRONG.
But I'm happy that I have a chance
To get old.
To watch my kids grow up.
To see what they will become.
To know that as long as I'm around
They are safe.
And when I become unable to...
They will pluck my chin hairs for me.


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