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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

An Open Letter To Myself...

February 2, 2006

Dear Self,

Do you remember when you were sitting at your desk during lunch today and Kim came over to ask how your diet was going? Remember when you told her that you were doing really well with your eating? You were bragging about the awesome - and very healthy - homemade chicken noodle soup you were in the process of eating at the time. You also didn't forget to tell her about the yummy - but oh so nutritious - non-fat vanilla yogurt you had before that?

Well, you never did mention the chocolate TastyKake cupcake you had right before . You remember the cupcake, don't you? The one
with the buttercream filling (although you may not remember the buttercream filling because you INHALED the damn thing)? Umm....yeah...well I think she may have been on to you about the cupcake because let's just say it was written all over your face! (Or at least in the corner of your mouth...and teeth...) P.S. Looking at that picture, I just have to say: Damn girlfriend! --- You are looking OLD!


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